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One multinational poker room that has managed to succeed in attracting players from all around the world is Everest Poker. It offers software in sixteen different languages, as well as many country focused tournaments and promotions.

In fact, it could be said that if there is only one international poker room online, it would be Everest Poker. Whenever you sit down to play at any table, you will be playing against players from all over Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

The action is focused in the Hold’em games, which is lively, and the offers for the tournaments are incredible. Everest does some great things with their proprietary software, even better than a lot of other popular poker sites, but there are a couple of features that are missed which are pretty much standard on some of the bigger poker networks.

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Software and Graphics

Due to the fact that Everest’s proprietary software hasn’t had large resources available to invest into its development, the software is a bit clunky and personal. It isn’t really well adapted or streamlined like many of the big ones, but it is actually quite good and even has a few features that haven’t been thought of in other game rooms.

One of these features is being able to open a tournament window and see a list of any satellites available to that tournament. And, when you are at the table, you are able to disconnect from the chat window and leave it floating beside the table. Then, when you are moving between tables, the chat window follows along very efficiently.

At Everest Poker, you are able to take yourself out of any game right up until the second before it starts. There isn’t any lock-in feature holding players into a game during the last five minutes until game times, which many other sites practice. Also, when a satellite doesn’t get filled up to the last seat available, it will be cancelled. That makes it nice when you are preventing any risk to your satellite bankroll.

The software provides the ability to take notes on players, and mark them with colors to give you a quick look at their profile. When you hover over the player, you will be able to see their age, gender and where they live. This information can give you a nice head start when you are trying to assess their style of play, not to mention adds a bit of social interaction to the game.

The lobby is much better compared to earlier software versions, with many different tabs breaking the information into logical groupings. Sometimes the tremendous amount of information does make things a bit more difficult to find what you are searching for. A pretty standard feature, which is the ability to resize the poker tables, is also available with the software.

The Everest Software is a very nice piece of software because of the fact that it is available in 16 languages.

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Game Variety

Everest Poker is one of the few poker game rooms that support only Texas Hold’em, which means that if you are an Omaha or 7 Card Stud player, you will have to look somewhere else. The stakes can range everywhere from $0.05/0.10 to $50/50 for pot limit or no limit, with fixed limit being a bit higher. So, while this isn’t your high stakes poker room, the action at the lower to middle stakes is very lively.

There are some great tournaments offered at Everest. Many of the tournaments are played with guaranteed prize pools. They are normally played without overlay because of interest, but every now and then you are able to make a great deal and get things like 2:1 on your buy-in when you enter the competition.

Poker Traffic

The players sitting at your table could be from anywhere in the world, which can sometimes add an edge to the game you won’t find anywhere else. Most players frequenting Everest like to play a lot of hands, with a lot of aggression. While this might sound like trouble brewing, the fact is that your opponents don’t often know what you are planning, or why. There is tremendous value in playing in an environment like this.

Promotions and Bonus Information

New players receive a fantastic $200 bonus, even if their first deposit is as low as $5. Players will convert this bonus into cash every time they play a hand with real money.

Everest Poker works hard at keeping the players happy by offering promotions and loyalty programs. You add one player point into your account every time you bring in a dollar into your hand. Fractal points count too.

The VIP Summit Club is a new loyalty program being offered with Everest poker, which is looking to be one of the highest ranging in online poker. With the program, you enjoy bonus Summit points, cash conversions of up to $5000 every month, not to mention being put onto the fast track for customer service.

Customer Support

The only support offered is through email, although it is available in several languages. And, while the support is normally able to resolve problems, they can sometimes be slow to respond to any support questions.

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Everest Poker review