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100% up to $500

Following the success of their sister site WassOnline, WassPoker has risen to the top and can confidently boast about the quality of their poker, sidegames, live tournaments and tremendous cash bonuses.

Similar to the WassOnline community atmosphere, they are offering a site like no other for poker lovers all over the world. They have managed to create the perfect balance of competitions which keep the adrenaline flowing and games for the recreational player.

Why should you be using WassPoker?

  • Start off at the best possible advantage with the 100% deposit bonus of up to $500
  • Huge online community that you won’t find anywhere else – you can learn from more experienced players while having fun belonging to a community of people who enjoy the game as much as you
  • You can win even when you lose, with massive jackpots of up to $100K
  • $50K guaranteed with daily freeroll tournaments
  • Enjoy classic sidegames such as video poker, blackjack, Carribean stud and backgammon

What all is included?

  • VIP Club – you can become a WassPro and receive 75% on your 1st deposit of up to $1000, or get 50% on your first deposit of up to $2500 by entering their Highrollers
  • Quick start – create a favourites list to get on your favourite tables faster
  • Reload bonuses – you will be rewarded with a 25% bonus on every deposit you make by WassPoke.
  • Multiple Windows – be playing several games at once
  • Vector Graphics – make your screen larger and experience playing with an un-pixelated screen
  • Smilies – your opponents can understand your moods and recognize that you mean business by using animation features on your live chat

Having the chance to belong to a community of other poker players who truly understand the intoxicating rush of bluffing a hand or winning an incredible jackpot is a tremendous opportunity.

WassPoker takes things even one step further by offering rewards every time you play or simply make a deposit. There is no other online poker site which offers such amazing odds or rewards simply for your love of the game.

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Experience exclusive member only tournaments and cash prizes

Finding a poker site like WassPoker, that is committed to bringing exclusive deals to their players every single time they play, took us completely by surprise.

Everything from the rabbit hunt feature, which enables you to see how your cards would have played if you hadn’t folded, to their bad beat jackpot, offers you a chance to win even when you lose with WassPoker.

There is absolutely no pressure to bet. You are completely free to choose to enter their monthly $50,000 free roll tournament, or simply play friendly games among your friends.

You can be assured that every game will pull you into a battle of wit with the massive 1,000 other real money players at a time and guaranteed good ring game traffic. Your pulse will be racing when you bluff other players, daring them to fold – with bets ranging everywhere from $0.01/$0.02 to $50/$100.

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An incredible online community with first class support for the members

Even with all of the other great features, one thing that really stood out for us with WassPoker was their swift responses to our enquiries. They employ a dedicated live online support team who were invaluable in their genuine and helpful advice.

The discussion forum alone offers the perfect arena for sharing skills and tips with other players, while learning the necessary tricks to playing your best game. Not only that, but WassPoker makes the transition to online game play easy for everyone with their phone, fax and email support. 

While you are waiting to join in some of the other tournaments, WassPoker provides a wonderful selection of sidegames to help you pass the time until you enter the game.

Of course, with the use of their quick turnaround equipment, you can be assured that you won’t be waiting long to join the competition.

Every one of their cash games are available to be played as heads –up, shorthanded and full tables. The tournaments offer both multi-table and sit and go formats.

So, if you love the game and are searching for the best in revolutionary software, awesome cash bonuses, high action tables sure to satisfy your competitive nature and large masses of players to test your skills against, then WassPoker is the site you need to visit.

They have a strong sense of community among their players, and you can always be sure you are surrounded by friends who will share in your enjoyment of the game.


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Wass Poker review