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At Full Tilt, you will find a number of the great pros coming to play regularly, using their real names and posting their portraits as avatars. You can sit down with Phil Ivey if you want to. And, thousands of amateur players also flock to this remarkable site to enjoy many of the great games being offered. A great plus is the unpaired variety of game.

Full Tilt has risen to the top of the market demonstrating a genuine dedication to the sport of poker. They have managed to acquire a massive player base, and it continues to grow. As of the time of this writing, Full Tilt Poker is only second to Poker Stars in terms of the biggest online poker room.

Receiving endorsements from many well known poker pros like Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer, Full Tilt poker regularly see these players joining and chatting at all levels at the site.

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Software & Graphics

Full Tilt Poker employs a bit of a different, although very nice-looking poker client, offering cartoon-like avatars and backdrops that appeal to everybody.
Full tilt poker avatars
Even though the cartoonish graphics may not be what everyone considers their personal taste, they do offer a nice change from the staid visual effects found at many other online poker rooms.

There are no noticeable bugs or problems with the software provided at Full Tilt Poker, and it is available for both Windows and MacIntosh platforms. The software is smooth running and is very easy to navigate.

You will find statistics in the lobby which are there to assist table selection, offering insight into average size of pots, percentage of players seeing the flop as well as hands per hour.

Tables can be resized freely, which is a great feature that has become the norm at many of the best online poker sites, but is very often not made available at some smaller sites.

One small setback that could be considered in the Full Tilt Poker client would be the font used for chip stacks and names of players. It is difficult to read in white on black, and is very densely spaced.

You can be playing as many as eight tables at the same time, as multi-table play runs very smoothly. A relaxed atmosphere is developed by the cartoon style of the software, which gives it a slightly different feel than any average poker room online. Most of the pros even have their own portraits as avatars, which gives it a nice touch.

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Poker Traffic

Even though Full Tilt does not belong to a large network, operating as an independent poker room it is still one of the largest poker rooms around today. This can be partly attributed to the fact that they are still welcoming US players.

If you come along during peak times, there can be anywhere up to 60,000 tournament and 10,000 cash game players found gathered at the Full Tilt poker real money tables. Consisting mainly of Limit or No-Limit Texas Hold’em tables, the cash games are always enjoyed.

In the United States, peak hours at Full Tilt usually happen around 7 PM (PT).

Game Variety

You will be very happy to hear that Omaha and 7-Card Stud arePoker game supported at Full Tilt, especially if you are looking for alternatives to Texas Hold’em. You are also able to play Razz, as well as a number of other mixed games like H.O.R.S.E. and H.O.S.E.

*H.O.R.S.E. is a fixed limit mixed game. Each of the letters stands for a different game. The game changes every time the level changes in a tournament. The 5 games include:

• H – Texas Hold’em
• O – Omaha Hi/Lo – Eight or better
• R – Razz
• S – Seven Card Stud High
• E – Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo – Eight or better

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Unlike many of the smaller online poker rooms, you are very likely to find a very good amount of traffic at Full Tilt, even in some of the games other than the bigger ones like Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

There are also many different tournaments hosted by Full Tilt Poker that have buy-ins anywhere from $1 to thousands. There are featured prize pools which are guaranteed at many of the tournaments, and you can always be sure to find good satellites to the bigger events.

In addition to all of this, there are plenty freerolls offered as well, often having very loose and softer play. And, not all of them are played out in Texas Hold’em either. Now and then there will even be a tournament in Omaha or H.O.R.S.E. as well.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the best sign up bonuses is offered at Full Tilt Poker. You can receive 100% up to $600 either by visiting directly from this site, or using the Full Tilt poker referral code CRACKBONUS. On top of this, there is an extra 50% deposit bonus offered every few months. Players are also able to earn Full Tilt points during play with real money, that can then be used towards tournaments requiring special points or merchandise.

Customer Support

There is only support available through email at this time, although there is a telephone number you will be given to be used in any circumstances where you are having trouble while attempting to deposit funds. The response time is very fast, with some answers being sent back to us within 30 minutes. However, the normal response time for enquiries is an average of two hours.

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Full tilt poker review