Is PokerStars Rigged Know the Truth

Nowadays, there are many forms of entertainment to keep yourselves from your busy lives. Gambling games such as poker, mah-jong, bingo, and sports betting is definitely one of them especially if you have more resources to use.

There are many ways to enjoy gambling playing with your friends, going to an actual casino, or playing online gambling.

Online gambling is seen as a convenient way to play this game primarily because you only need your device and internet connection with your free will. One of the popular online gambling formats is PokerStars, the largest online poker cardroom in the world.


PokerStars may have nearly 50 million registered players as of early 2012, but many among them accuse PokerStars for rigging hands because of these players’ higher frequency in losing the games rather than winning. Therefore, the question is, is PokerStars rigged?

What Most are Saying

Many reviews said yes to the question, “Is PokerStars rigged” According to these, moderators of PokerStars have the power to change the outcome of any game such that there is already a predetermined percentage of winning and losing per person who enters the site.

It is said that these moderators aim to protect their house players who frequently win despite of their irrational calls. Players also claim that moderators intend to let people lose their games when they use play money so they’ll be more hooked onto the game and use real money in betting.

However, doing so does not bring about any winnings to them as well. Or another scenario is be that they let newbies play good hands and let them win continuously so they will get hooked onto the game. Once they are into it, they will experience losing streaks.


Even though many agree on the inquiry, “Is PokerStars rigged”, some still say that it is not. As said by people who disagreed, poker sites don’t get extra money in rigging hands, so there’s no reason for these sites to do so.

They also say that online players are more open to suspicions on strange things occurring in the game since they play more often than when they play in casinos. Also, poker is a game with high variance where luck is a large factor. Because of this variance, there are many strange things that are observed.

Lastly, rigging accusations are heightened by the people who have lost in many games. Because they are very devastated with their games’ outcome, they tend to believe and agree on these claims without grounded basis.

To Answer the Question

Answering the question, “Is PokerStars rigged” is not an easy task. One has to be critical in order to get the right answers. Claims must also be thoroughly researched or verified and facts should be grounded well. By doing so, we will have an objective perspective on this issue.

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Is PokerStars Rigged Know the Truth